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Bharat; land of celebration & devotion.

When the whole world is sitting at home we can see the changes in nature. The rhythm of the wind , leaves , branches and bird calls. Everything is prominent and just natural. It was there before but we were out of rhythm to notice it. Birds and animals are flocking the streets. Leaves are covering the floor and a thought came to my mind. What we are going to leave to this world ? Our sudden disappearance from the streets making them more beautiful. Does that means whatever we have created is wasted ? So why our vanity was soaring so high ? All of us must have experience the same existancial question some day or the other.

But there is a positive side to this. Just how we perceive it. By any chance any building will outlast 100 years timeline if it is completely not taken care by ? Will it be a architectural marvel after 1000 years ? If a man from the future will discover it; will it be a global heritage after 1000 years and celebrated ? Do you remember any current structure that we have built that will rival the monuments built 2000 years back or the cave paintings ?

I am sure however we say we hardly have anything. There might be definitely something but of course not in multitude like our ancestors did. In nearly every 20 kms wherever you go from Kandahar to Bangladesh. Naranag ( Kashmir) to Kanyakumari ( Tamilnadu) you will find caves, palaces, temples, monuments beautiful houses etc.. Currently the nation is divided into three nations but still heritage, art and culture tied us together since centuries. And those imprints are in our food , language , music , dance, art etc...

From past 20 years I traveled like a mad man. Not only alone but took friends on trek with me then started living in the hills with wife. Even our daughter started travelling with us when she was 6 months old. Obviously been fortunate to travel with my parent and brothers. Took hundreds of tourists into the western ghats. Trained tribal youth and farmers to run ecotourist startups from their houses and tents. The passion started with Sahyadri due to stories of Shivaji Maharaj and his forts. Later on it expanded to the home of Shiva into the Himalayan region. Walking, climbing, driving, railway journey and flying over this region made me realise that truly even after so many invasions and badly treated by modern man Bharat is still the place where humanity has excelled in all aspects of life . And it should be there for the whole world . It is our duty to look our motherland with some respect.

Their energy entered into the chisel touched the stone and Buddha appeared in front of us. Centuries of silence covered this but later the forest revealed silent caves of Ajintha and Verul. Likewise happened with so many temples and caves. But what we discovered is a collective efforts of humanity at that period in a very beautiful and inspiring way. When we will go out of our homes we will no more taken our freedom for granted. We will make sure our next generation is going to take care of this. We will respect the snow mountains , those glaciers, river and forests. Yes we will make sure they will worship it even other laugh to us. It’s a privilege to live in a place where we can experience sunshine, rain shower, winter. We are lucky to have everything that most of the countries do not have at all. I am one of those luckiest person to experience and and would like to share all those best moments with you all.

We may go through hell but we will overcome through it. We will see the worst and best of the humanity. But this situation will fill us with gratitude that we have one more chance to change our outlook. Make a promise to yourself when this will be over you will travel to a village or city or a mountain or beach that you never saw. You will make new friends and be in touch with them. You will show something to your loved ones. Because going out is a privilege. Being born in a country like Bharat is a super privilege. People cross oceans to our art, culture, architecture, study yoga and Ayurveda, dance in our festivals. You will show this all to your lover, kids, parents. Bharat is not only a land mass but a thriving emotion since ages . Those vibrations are nourishing the whole world. From the Himalayan caves, dense forests of the Sahyadri, temples of the south, Adi Shakti from Bengal, Buddha from the Eastern and North eastern Bharat to the beyond Himalayas. Bhakti from the waters of Narmada, Cauveri, Godavari, Ganga and Yamuna. You will all see this in the elements as well as reflecting in the people.

They may be saying Narmade Har, Har Gange, Har Har Mahadev, Govind Bol, Namaskara, Vanakkam, Jai Shivray, Sat Sri Akal, Padharo Mharo Des, Salam Walekum, Hari Bol and so much. Words will be different but the emotion is one Bhava Raat ( Emotion + Devoted ) A country that is devoted to the reverberating universal emotions. Discover the Bharat inside you.

With the current situation I will be devoting one hour every day to write and share the beautiful stories and pictures of Bharat with you. These are personal experience from different places. My countrymen whom I may not have met if I would have sat at home. Experiences that made me rich to the core. Join us on the virtual journey to discover your own Bharat.

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