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Mission Statement :

Years of travel from bustling metros to the remotest parts of the country we explored so much that it instills a sense of pride in us. We feel blessed to be born here in Bharat. What we seen in TV sets and social media and the ground reality is different. Those experiences changed our perspective to look at the world and people. Travel makes us relaxed and more receptive to new experiences.

It gives you something that missed by the books often.It filled us to the feeling of a privilege that not everyone is having. So we feel to share those experiences in the

form of blog, pictures , videos and of course by taking you to those places actually.  

We will be organising nature camps, ecotours, road trips, visits to the ancient cities , heritage sites Yoga and spiritual retreats. 


Telling the stories that our next generation needs to be be aware of. Share the beauty that our land has to offer through blogs and books.

Share the experience through organising camps, Yoga & spiritual retreats, picnics, family and group tours. 


Authentic representation of the nation, food, culture and fashion that is evolving through thousands of years. 

Organising Exhibitions across cities and villages. 

Delivering Talks on travel, photography , Heritage , Fashion & Yoga for schools, 

colleges & corporates. 


Promote Made in Bharat (India ) products through our site, events and tours. 

These trip will help you also in your future just like our past. Or maybe it will unfold for you something different which we may have missed.Nothing is more joyful than experience. Sometime it becomes more beautiful after going through it. Just like doing a scary night drive from a deep forest. But once you are through and recall what you have seen ; the drive really become worthwhile. These posts are tiny stories of our travels.


Who we are ?

We are a passionate family who have trekked the Sahyadris , Himalayas , camped under the open sky in vast open desert, drove 4000 kms on a multi state road trip, danced in the rain and witnessed the fury of monsoon by the seashore and in dense forest. We are a bunch of people just like you who loves to travel and making the dream  into a reality. 

Raginee :  the muse who met me in 2006 and our journey of togetherness started off.

A freelance photographer & make up artist who also loves do do styling and dress designing for herself. A homemaker and mother of 7yrs young traveler Anagha.

Anagha : She is our bundle of happiness , exploring the world with us in her own way . Getting home schooled . She loves to dance and Jungle book a lot.

Yogesh : a photographer & cinematographer who has been exploring various opportunities this field offers like fashion, product, advertising, environmental, travel etc.

Ultimately we are a family who feels life is best experienced by being with the nature, people and exploring yourself by identifying with the vast universe which is our home. So why not see all the corners of it.

Raginee & Yogesh Kardile
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