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Project Muse and Mirror


What is Muse and Mirror ?

How it started ?

Yogesh & Raginee , 13 years of togetherness to learn about self , each other and nature. Life with full of ups and downs , thick and thins still bonded them together with a thread of love. One thing was constant and that was the travel. Exploring the length and breadth of our beloved country Bharat ( India ) . Learning history , geography , culture , geopolitics etc...

Beyond the feeling of inferiority / superiority complexes due to the modern media lies a country humming her own tune. 

The art sprouting from the Mother Earth developed from eons expresses through the one who is truly gelled with the soil. Those caves, huts , temples , jagged peaks , monasteries , centuries old bazars ... all mesmerised us. We became students of this life. Fortunate are those who are born as humans and more fortunate who get a chance to travel a country like Bharat. 

Thus we wanted to show our own country to our own people. Those who are having eclectic taste in art and culture already knows our country in depth. But how about our own countrymen and women ? So born the concept of Muse and Mirror. A travelling story of a family who is always on the move. Come join us. 

We would like to know your future plans.

To make people aware about our natural heritage , architecture , art , lives of rural village people who live close to the Mother Earth. 

How can we be a part of Muse and Mirror ?

Do you have offline presence or events where we can meet you in person ?

We love to meet new people and make friends. After all sharing positive energy doubles up the joy. We often have exhibitions , photo tours where you can participate. 

When is the next exhibition ?

The latest exhibition is going to happen in the month of November in 2019. See you soon in Pune. 

By participating in your tours how can we actually support the art and culture ?

We directly work with tribal artists, farmers , ecotour operators. And your money directly goes through us to them. Your one tour benefits our cause as well a section of society that needs to thrive. By actively purchasing a tribal art piece, watching their traditional dance or a martial art performance helps them to sustain the particular art form. And when it pays off people start to work more on it. Your patronage definitely helps the society in direct way. 

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