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Desert roadtrip : Tanot Rajasthan

Driving more than 100 kms deserted road and you enter into a small hamlet known as Tanot. It has full of energy and positivity vibes. Sun sets in and mercury dips drastically tells you this the winter in Rajasthan. Tanot is famous for Tanot Mata temple. The temple is maintained by Border Security Force of India.This temple has a legend that attracts people across the country. In 1971 war fought with Pakistan the enemy forces carried out attacks and did shelling nearby temple. But they were not been able to cross the boundary of the temple nor the shells exploded. That made the faith of locals and BSF more stronger. And now the entire care of the temple and Puja is done by the forces.

Early morning and evening Puja is worth attending. Except that the entire stretch from Jaisalmer is scenic ; for those who loves unique landscapes.

We left Ramdevra after paying visit to the shrine of Baba Ramdev. It is another famous religions shrine. This is also a nice place to do shopping local style footwear, earthen pots and much more . Also this is way cheaper than touristy place. The distance is around 237kms. Thankfully roads in Rajasthan are superb and less tolls especially in tourism circuit.

When we were out of Ramdevra scenery was something like this. Shrubs and sand spreading both sides of the road. Slowly sand dunes starts appearing when you inches towards Tanot. Even though the distance is long smooth road makes it fun to drive.

Wind sculpted

We were thinking about vast unending sand dunes everywhere. But this is not the case with Rajasthan. There is a desert but punctuated by shrubs. Indeed it is very beautiful and different. But you need to search for that spot. We had little bit of trouble to do the same. Lastly we found a beautiful village near Ranao. Huge sand dunes encircling the village in C shape and the road ended abruptly. It was very hot afternoon. But we were ecstatic. Feeling the smooth sand slipping away from our hand.

Houses in the desert

It was nothing like a usual village. A small settlement with neat houses , compounds for their domestic animals, kids playing around , birds of prey swirling in the sky locating the next dead animal, some people working and relaxing.

You can't stop children from playing however harsh the conditions around them. They find the happiness with whatever things to play with. These two little kids were playing with sticks on the dunes. We also became like them and had a little bit fun on the dunes.

Music of the sand

This was by far the most Zen like place we found in this desert land. Be there and do nothing. Earth sings her song in most desolated and forsaken places. It reverberates in the form of dunes and the culture as well. When nature has reduced the color variation people created that. Ode to that we did a small photo session with the ship of the desert ( camel ) . It was an evening time. And experiencing setting sun in Rajasthan is the best thing to do.

Raginee with the ship of the desert

Evening scene

Shepherd with his treasure

Desert morning

A goat crossing the empty street

Do's & Don'ts : The whole journey is very nice. But be prepared because it's desert and leave on time to your destination. People are friendly but do not initiate unnecessary conversation to strangers. Your true friend there is Army / B.S.F.  If you face any doubt or trouble talk to them.

Do not deviate your car inside the desert until it is 4WD / have another backup. It will stuck inside for no good.

We made it driving into the desert

Even the closest petrol pump at Ramgadh  53kms . Entire stretch is made of desert. You can find a few shops at Ranao that is around 21 kms from Tanot.

B.S.F. Memorial

Anagha's artwork

Real cool boys

Man of the desert

B.S.F. Guesthouse

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