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Looking from above is very fascinating for everyone. We all dream to take a flight and watch the earth from above. Fortunately many people can do this but sadly we can't fly everywhere. Here the aerial photo device makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of our earth.

Sahyadri mountain ranges are like a diamond in the necklace of Bharat Mata. Long stretched lines of hills , forests, rivers , lakes and farms. This time we explored Kolhapur and Satara districts. And here are a few images from the same road trip.

Many a times things when they are closer looks chaotic, too much but experiencing them from above gives you a clear sense. An order or a design is always there. Even thousands of humans are doing different things there is an order. A design that makes all of that a piece of art.

A three dimensional art that they create every year and we actually fill our bellies from that masterpiece called food.

Monsoon in the Sahyadri's changes everything when the rain starts flowing in every corner. The fields springs from the bald land and it turns green then golden.

I recommend everyone to explore life starting form own backyard. Things are beautiful everywhere. One just need to plug in to the source called nature. When the mind is receptive and open the beauty automatically flows in.

The natural flow and collectivity gives things the beauty. Only until we are in sync with the nature. Or else the garbage from close and above also looks garbage. Because it is devoid of the natural rhythm and stinks of the human greed and exploitation.

I wish everyone a happy holiday. Explore villages around your town or city. Take a diversion from the highway you will meet the beauty and fresh air over there.

The design of human and animal existence creates is sometime worth experiencing into the hills. Those paths criss crossing the slopes makes a fascinating designs. Only when we raise our angle nature reveals a pattern even in our journey.

Now the monsoon is receding and winter will darken the grass, crops will be cut and fog will prevail over the rural landscapes in the dawn and dusk hours. That will be another excuse for me to go out.

Happy journey !!!

Words & Photographs : Yogesh Kardile

All rights are reserved.

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