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Rishikesh ; by the bank of Mother Ganga

Where spirituality, yog asana, adventure and exuberant life meets on both sides of Mother Ganga. This is the Rishikesh is based ; a vibrant town in the northern most state of Bharatvarsh ( India ) named Uttarakhand. The proximity to the foothills of Himalayas and Rajaji National Park makes this area more beautiful.

We heard about Rishikesh so many times ; so we decided to visit it at once. And fortunately our trip to Kedarkantha winter trek was in Uttarakhand. It was like Dugdhasharkara Yog ( coming of sugar milk together ) .

After the long trek we came to Rishikesh in the dark night. It was really cold and Ganga was no where nearby the station. I was a bit scared but as usual this was another experiece we took one auto rickshaw and asked for the most famous address Parmarth Niketan Ashram . In next 10 to 15 min we were on the bridge to reach our destination. It was late but the vibes were really nice in the surroundings. We reached to the place got warm welcome into the ashram and got a cozy room.

Next day was fun by waking early I didn't missed the chance to meditate by the river. One free advice I would like to give you here is to sit on the stairs of Ghats early morning and just meditate. The syncing with the natural energy is what we longs and that will be fulfilled here. Whatever is your religion or beliefs sit there sake of your good health. The river which nurture millions is really mother to us all.

After refreshing experience I went back to have typical Uttar Bhartiya breakfast ( Chole Bhature ) with tea in kulhad.

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