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Namaste fellow Yogi and Yogini !

I am really happy to share my Yog Abhyas journey with you all on the occasion of International Day of Yoga. It is my pleasure to share my learnings, experiences of Yog, Ayurved and nutrition with you. I will be reach to you in the form of short blog posts and short videos. I will be covering small tips that make a big difference in our physical and mental well being which is the first step to the path of self realisation. As well said by Maharshi Patanjali Yog can be summed up in one simple sutra.

योगः चित्त वृत्ती निरोधः

To control our thirst of desire and fluttering mind is by calming itself. How simple sutra it seems takes a lifetime to master. We need to guard ourselves every awake moment. And what more is an effective tool than controlling our very own companion for this life that is breath.

The Kshana (moment ) from which we come out of the womb the first breath goes inside our lungs and the day when it becomes air our soul leave the physical form that we consider myself. The whole journey of life happens within that countless breaths that we are unaware of.

The basic foundation of human being is based on the breath. And when it is inhaled and exhaled peacefully the longevity is a sure gift. Unfortunately we are aware yet careless at the same time. Before we start practicing anything in Yog we need to purify our body. And even before we start doing that physical purification what we need is the awareness of our life. That is by understanding our breath patterns. Reminding ourselves to breath as naturally as we can even in the most difficult situation. This will be the beginning of thinking clearly with logic rather than overpowered by the desire or any unwanted emotion. So until we meet next time do check how you are breathing ? When the pattern changes ? How it is affecting your mood so that you can take a step back inhale deeply and be relaxed. Namaskaram.

K Raginee :

A qualified Yog Teacher

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