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Bharat from bird's eye view

Welcome to experience our nation from above. Here are some images shot from the bird's eye view. let's begin the aerial journey from 2022. We have recently started taking aerial shots while travelling.

A field in Madhya Pradesh

And this journey is definitely so much more. We are learning on the way. Exploring new techniques and angles gives us more freedom to express and showcase the beauty from another perspective that was not available till now with us.

Designed by Men and women : shot in Maharashtra

We are so much accustomed to see things in a certain way that sometime we take it for granted and forget that the same thing can look really gorgeous from another angle. Usually that happens when we are in the plane. But what if you are privileged to see it from that angle even in your daily life while travelling even by car ?

Towering and beautiful temple of Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

And we had tried this in our journey last month in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Here are some images of the vast open landscapes, architectural marvels and farms capes. We hope you will appreciate our work . So we can keep on creating beautiful images of our nation.

Orchha Cenotaphs & Betwa river

Some grand buildings like these are too big to appreciate from close distance. But given the chance from high above one can truly see the full view. So from here onwards we will be flying and will take you with us in the sky.

Grand palace of Orchha in a winter morning.

64 Yogini temple in Murena region of Madhya Pradesh.

This temple was shrouded by mist when we visited it in the peak winter. But slowly it melted and su shined to reveal its beauty. This is a Shiva temple surrounded by the chambers for Yogini statues. This is the inspiration of the parliament of Bharat. The similarity is unmistakable. If you don't believe it then go visit the place. You will thank us later :-) But to find out the beauty of this was not possible from the normal eye level. Only the bird's eye view can reveal this beauty.

Sahastradhara waterfall : Maheshwar Madhya Pradesh

Same happened with the magestic Sahastradhara waterfall. River Narmada falling from thousands of rocks carving her way out. And it was really magical to sit there to experiences Sahastra- Dhara ( thousand flows of the river).

Farms and the red soil of the Western ghats ( Sahyadri ), Maharashtra.

What more I can say about the evergreen Sahyadri. I am in love with those dense forests, red soil, green farms and blue rivers ? Some of these images can give you a glimpse of that. Hope to capture more beautiful images soon.

Beautiful valley and farms spread across the waterbody. Satara Dist. Maharashtra

Farms & the forest

The regular work done by the farmers on field looks normal from human eye level. But this looks like a piece of a contemporary art piece.

Colourful Mustard farm, Madhya Pradesh

Beautiful mustard farms and trees in Madhya Pradesh

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