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Dakkhan the lava land

A giant landmass made out of molten lava that solidified into various shapes and spread across to create a mountain range and a vast plateau ( Pathar). This is Dakkhan mostly spelled as Deccan.

This is an attempt to capture the beauty of it in post winter when all grass is dried yet the trees are green.

Malshej Ghat & Harischandragad

The plateau is protected by the mountain range known as Sahyadri and the foothills of it slowly disappears into the vast Dakkhan plateau. Shooting aerial images offers us something unique which is rarely experienced from eye level of the humans. If you have to see the sheer rugged beauty of it then best time is post winter. The green coat is stripped off from the hills and farms. Everything turns yellow and black.

On the way to the Naneghat

The view seems desolate yet very powerful just like the people who resides over here. Now a days due to irrigation there's greenery even in the summer in some pockets. You can see the glimpse of how the lava must have flown in various area due to the folds on the hills.

Vast plains of Parner

At some places I really felt the closeness to Arabian peninsula or That desert. Fortunately the grassland is still in good condition that's why the desertification is not happening. But yes this region really gives you feel of that. Evenings are wonderful and must experienced if you love the open spaces.

Dry and dark plains, Parner

Bharat is known for it's people full of valour. many brave communities resides across the nation. But Maratha's are unique. Geography shapes our habits, culture and even nature. This lava region definitely shaped the hardy people who ruled over the mountain forts and vast lands full of riches. The attitude of protecting the nation is inherent in their blood. The water that flows from the basalt rocks, the food that grows from the black soil must be giving the qualities of the indomitable spirit from those fiery lava.

Mula river basin and a tiny village

Imagine a farmer , Shepard or any hardworking person in the open. S/he is facing heat, rain and cold winds throughout the year. It is shaping his health and spirit together. So why not experience it out in the open ? In the land of Marathas be the one.

A tiny river island

Dakkhan is so close to the evergreen forest and yet gives you feel of far off from it. In one day you can experience the transition from one climatic zone to the another. You will have your best travel experience here. You can start from Thane/Murbad to Nagar. Naneghat, Junnar and Parner can be done in this tour. It is around 150 kms one way. You will see changes in the forest type as well farming. People and culture is also distinct within this short range of a journey.

A shepherd makeshift home and sheep, Parner

This time I wanted just to go out, travel in a chilled out mode. And that offered me these images. So my advice to you is have no particular agenda and nature will give reward you worth remembering experiences.

Waterhole and sheep , Parner

Here I will not recommend you any particular destination but to drive wherever you want to go aimlessly. Then you can be surprised by the nature and culture. Be open what you come across. The road is fortunately superb. Stay options are available in Malshej as well as in Nagar. So don't worry.

Neatly carved farms, Nagar rural area

Is it a precious stone or a artificial lake in the farm?

Sunset from Naneghat

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