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Faces of Kashmir

Oblivious to the so called world this little one was busy in her own world until we met her. We were somewhat different from her routine faces. That resulted in this surprised look. Even though it was summer; climate was chilly. Still for her friends it was a playtime. A visit to the really remote corner of Bharat ( India ) people of Gurez are jewel in the crown. Keeping the tradition of hospitality and warmth we cherished those moments. Praying for the peace so that we all unite so one day the border will melt.

It was raining in Tulail valley and this gentleman appeared on a turn climbing up on the road. His Caucasian looks was slightly foreign but not so uncommon here in Dardistan ( Gurez sector ). I was fascinated by his friendly smile and eyes. Requested him to pose for a picture and got this shot. Even so close to the border people here are really humble , friendly and no sign of unpleasantness of the day to day conflict. Sometime when you are battling on a daily basis with elemental forces a simple smile can survive the present. It was the biggest takeaway from him. They know they don't have the control over circumstances but the survival spirit will make them see tomorrow. Once in a lifetime every Bharatiya ( Indian) must visit Gurez Valley to meet our brother's and sisters. The corner of paradise is habited by some angels also. I was traveling with my wife and daughter and it was the safest trip ever. Thanks to friends whose encouragement made the trip possible.

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