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The forgotten Sun Temple : Martand

Many great things happened on the back of this earth and gone into the oblivion. Especially a country like Bharat where you will find so many grand things within 20 Kms radius that it's really hard to know everything. One such grand marvel is Sun temple of Martand village in Kashmir. As of now people call the village Mutton. and if your driver is not a history buff chances are he is not aware about the grand beauty of Kashmir.

Kashmir is full of ancient Hindu and Buddhist heritage sites. One of them is the unique Martand Sun temple. We are aware about Konark and Modhera Sun temple those are really grand and beautiful. But the third one is equally beautiful even in the ruins. If you google about the place you will definitely get lot of information about the place.

As a traveler one must be always curious to know about the ancient cultures and how they changed over the period. Everything happens for a reason like building a monument and destroying it. What we take from it is a matter of understanding of the civilisation. It shapes our worldview.

Here are some Reference links for you.

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