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Hampi : an artist’s dream

Even the city lost it to it’s invaders the artist is still the winner. Historian is an observer but an artist is the creator of the history. Do not undermine the power of an artist . Generations will be inspired by his work.

An invader destroys the beautiful nature and culture, a warrior protect it by sacrificing himself. And an artists immortalise the culture with his tools.

Think twice before blaming our ancestors who gave us so much even after they lost their lives. We must not lose the faith in their vision.

Look around countries who do not have rich past are creating it with cement, plastic, metal and chemicals. And now we are infected by that virus. What kind of legacy we will leave behind?

Those workers who lift the stones , stone cutter who shaped the stones and sculptures who carved out the beauty hidden inside the granite are no more. But their work inspires us even after centuries beatings.

Nowhere is the land where a culture has been rise again and again like us. The water, land and nature gave that energy and shaped our genes. Those gems stones , bustling markets , huge celebrations are missing. Still the view from Matanga Hill ignite our heart how it would have been in the past! Vijaynagar Empire.

What so many people miss is that we are blessed with artists who were supported by visionary kings and guided by sages to create marvels that will outlast centuries and show the world how life has to be celebrated! Are we responsible enough at least to protect it ? Are we responsible enough to show the true taste of life through our art ?

We may not have a master or patron but we have the independence. What we need is a purpose.

When god has given you a unique skill you have to make the most of it. So that even if you leave physically your thoughts will last in the form of your art. Even people will not know your name but still you will be part of a larger life force that gave some reason to the new generation to marvel upon.

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