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Kashmir food trail

Any travel experience will be considered complete once you taste the local food right from the streets, home cooked to high end restaurants. Wherever we go we make sure to relish good food. And in pursuit of that we don't mind to do a little bit research. In our long trip to Kashmir this winter we got a chance to explore local food as well as typical North Indian food. Staying with a local family for two days in Lolab valley we had local fish, chicken, Vazwan, Nun Chai ( milk tea with salt ), Kahwa with dry fruits, cookies, cakes and walnuts from their farms. Never had so much food in so little time. While going back to Srinagar from Wular lake we saw some strange nut with thorns but very tasty and healthy. It grows under the Wular lake. This was the unique highlight of the trip. We thought to shed some weight by doing trek, long walks but we put on some more by having delicious food and hot cup of Kahawa everywhere.

People in Kashmir love to eat and share it with their guests. The hospitality is unique. And yes It can be found even in the remotest village. You don’t need to be their relative to have a warm welcome. In general people are nice. Food is an integral part of a culture; Kashmir is changing due to tourist influence. There are many food items from outside that has become part of their food joints or restaurants. Yet they have retained their own food habits. Kesar, dry fruits, Kehwa, Nun chai, katlai, Nan, almonds, apricot, apple are their specialities. The cooler climate and rich soil gives it a unique taste.

The another best part of having food is their experience. A warm carpet with intricate design on the floor then the wooden walls of the house. Again they will put up a small strip of cloth in front of you to keep your plates. Someone will come with a jar ( aluminium or copper one ) to wash your hands in a pot. Then you will receive hot Kahawa with dry fruits. Once you are done with that then you will receive a multi course lunch/ dinner. Indeed it's like a royal food experience. Relishing food slowly by experiencing in relaxed mood.

We not only hunt for the best landscape but are also on the food trail. When you will join us on a trip in future rest assure that you will be treated like a royalty in Kashmir. #kashmir #foodtrail #localfood #foodie #incredibleindia #bharattrails #museandmirror #phototour #travelblogger #contentwriter #shotoniphone #dryfruits #foodporn

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