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Winter is a month that changes so many things in our lives beautifully. But in the wilderness it is very ruthless and beautiful at the same time. Here are some images that shows the glimpse of the forests of the central Bharat. Mainly Kanha National Park & Bandhavghadh National Park.

A rare sight of Barasingha in Kanha National Park

I really admire lone trees standing tall and giving their shelter to everyone who needs it. Their beauty is unparalleled. And in this land roams wildlife freely. Everyone comes to watch the tiger so do I wanted to have darshan of him. But I was more eager to witness the beauty of the winter. The morning glow seeping into the forest.

The whole land which is teeming with the wildlife becomes paradise for the nature lovers. The silence that is everywhere and grazing of deers reminds me of the period of ancient Rishis whose Ashrams were into the forests. They used to meditate and all the animals roaming around them freely.

Here they are protected by the government and roams freely around the local tribal farmers. A kind of coexistence that we can dream of. If you get a chance make sure to visit any national park in the months of deep winters.

When dew drops will shine on the grass blades. Translucent leaves will show you their designs when sun rays filter through them. The mist in the air and fresh air will make you alive. And it will tell you are also the part of this forest, these rivers and air just like them.

Lone trees will show you how full of life they are ! Birds, insects, ants and wildlife all gathering under and over them like grandchildren playing around the granddaddy. Indeed they are the beholder and creator of the history.

Spotted deers grazing and basking under the sun.

Each action will looks graceful and full of poise. Winter will be your companion to show you the painting done by the Mother Nature before the next page turns into another painting of summer.

Words & photography : Yogesh Kardile

All rights reserved.

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