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Langza : bliss on the top of the world

Some places are so sacred that even by being there your thought automatically evaporates and meditation happens without closing your eyes. Somehow silimiar experience I had in Langza.

A small village nestled in the high Himalayan mountains of Spiti Valley.

For some it is an adventure ; what I felt was far more than that. The feeling of emptiness yet brimming with joy was the state of mind. Nice people with their warm hospitality and smile relaxed me more. The size of the mountains surrounding was so huge that ego seems too petty.

For photography or a road trip going to Lagza is very nice. What one should go for this place is experiencing the stillness of nature and mind. Where human disturbance is less and nature is in it's pristine form mind elates easily. You do not need external catalyst to be joyful.

For nature lovers blue sheep , snow leopard , red fox , varieties of wild flowers and birds are happily roaming here. The most prominent thing is Lord Buddha statue and CCKN snow clad peak.

Do not forget to EXPERIENCE the sunset. Warm glow of sun and the play of light and shadow will be itched in your heart forever.

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