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Muse and Mirror to Bharat Trails

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Harischandragad Lord shiva temple

We are really glad to inform you about our transition from Muse and Mirror to Bharat Trails.

A travel & photography blog will be a transformed into a full fledged travel experiences service for you. We will be bringing you unique travel experiences across our beautiful nation. From unexplored beaches to high Himalayan Mountain retreats, spiritual places, Yoga camps in the forest or desert. But before going into all that stuff we want to share something about that how it all begun.

At Madurai

We Yogesh & Raginee started off the journey of exploring our country in July 2006 as soon as we got married. Yes literally we started travelling from the same month by shifting to a hill station in the Sahyadri named Bhandardara. We had our bike to travel across the mountain range as a companion. And our romance is still continued even after 14 years. The love towards each other and of travel was so strong that we made a decision to live a nomadic lifestyle. Shifting our house multiple times is normal just like a shepherd shifts his base every season with sheep. I am a photographer, travel writer and a documentary maker by profession. So it was natural for me to photograph Raginee wherever we went. For living I do fashion photography, shoots models, actors as well teach photography. Raginee is a professional stylist, dress designer and makeup artist. So we thought why not work on a long term project and we started working on Muse and Mirror. It is very difficult to travel with new models into remote destinations and do the shooting. Situation is always not favourable. So we managed with a crew of two of us. And of course our cute daughter Anagha who always made our travel wonderful with her presence.

Nauwari saree : Koyana backwaters in winter

I started photographing Raginee amidst nature, ancient architecture and various places. The objective was capturing the beauty of everyday Bharatiya lady in her ethnic attire. With the changing location sarees & dresses started adding in her wardrobe. You show me a lady / girl who do not like shopping new dresses and jewellery! So our planning, shooting style and themes evolved along with the time.

And we sharted to share our adventure through images and videos with you all through our page and blog. We got so much love from all of you through our page and website. We are still working on that project and planning for an travelling exhibition. We will make sure that it will be a unique experience to the viewer.

Gulmarg ( Kashmir )

The passion for exploring and travel connected us with so many talented, energetic, beautiful and kind people. They were from all walks of life like artists, trekkers, corporates, govt. officers, scientists, soldiers , farmers, tribal youth. All that shaped us and enriched our lives. We were fortunate to work with farmers and tribal youth in Western Ghats on ecotourism projects. We also hosted hundreds of local as well international guests in our ecotourism projects for jungle camps,treks, photography tours in the past. But due to job we stopped it for a while.

Langza ( Spiti Valley Himachal Pradesh )

While doing that we realised one thing. The beauty of our civilisation, celebration, art ,architecture, fashion and nature is vast. The experiences are so overwhelming that we cannot sum up in one project. We need to share those experiences of places with you all. And came the idea of starting a company that provides unique travel experiences where people can actually connect with the images in reality.

Parner ( Biroba Utsav)

Now we felt this is the time to offer it to people the way they would like to explore the country. It will not be reach, click and move to new destination. It will be a kind of slow travel where you experience the place like your neighbourhood with an experience guide cum companion who unfold the history, rituals, stories and delicacies of the destination. After all you cannot separate a destination from it's people, their food, fashion, music, art and celebrations. We always make sure to explore a place like a local; stay at one place for sometime to soak in the environment. And we would like to offer the same to you.

Indori breakfast

The richness of our country is evident in natural beauty. Also the work done by our artists, yoga masters, musicians, poets, philosophers is phenomenal. Whatever is left even after massive destruction over few centuries is still enough to inspire many more generations. Imagine you are sharing these lessons of history, geography to your kids first hand ! These places will start interacting with them. What we didn't got a chance to see we are trying to show it to our daughter since her childhood. She is getting homeschooled and have confidence to interact with anyone that we missed in our own days.

Kambdavane dance : Sahyadri

We are on a mission to show this to next generation and let them explore on their own, elevate their understanding by actual experience that will be with them for a lifetime. We are sure that Bharat is an energy field that is constantly is in motion. Each state, each generation create something so wonderful that's why travellers across the world comes to Bharat. And precisely to share those experiences with global as well local travellers we are going to work under a new brand name.

Kopeshwar temple ( Kolhapur )

We will be starting to offer on field experiences like photography tours, Yoga retreats, tours of spiritual places along with regular couple tours, family picnics, visits to heritage sites, road trips in the Himalayas , camping in the Western Ghats etc... And yes if you have your own plan we will be happy to assist you. We are looking forward to giving you authentic experiences .

Brand new Logo

While forming a new brand ; it needs a new name. We must use a name that represent the spirit of the country with our favourite activity of exploring new places. So We have chosen the name Bharat due to its relevance and authenticity. A name that signifies celebration and range of emotions Bhava + Rata ( भाव - रत ) or a civilisation that can be traced up to the ancient King Bharata. The logo represents Sun and his energy which is abundant in our country. The turmeric colour represents the friendship and morning glow of the sun. We wish to share the energy and joy through our travels with us. We are blessed to have you with us from our beginning. Until everything becomes normal join us virtually. Thank you so much.

Kanyakumari Vivekanand Rock Memorial.

Lastly if you wish to spend relaxed time with your loved ones , explore new things , learn something that you haven't done before. Or just chill and have your own space we are at your service. We believe on having open plan so new things can be accomodated. By being open to experience gave us far more than we have expected and we also wish to give you the best service.

Connect with us on

Phone : 9740932248

Email :

Twitter : @BharatTrails

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