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Play of the Energy

Where matter ends and where energy starts is an eternal question ?It is not like that science sprung in the modern time. The curiosity was present even in the minds of prehistoric hunters.The sense of awe was something that brought us from caves to the skyscrapers. And now most of us take things for granted.

I used to listen to a beautiful spiritual book called Vichar Sagar Rahasya (Secrets from the ocean of thoughts) in my childhood. My father used to give detailed discourses on it to his disciples every evening. For my brain it was beyond comprehension yet I used to sit and listen. Those thoughts stayed with me in my subconscious mind. The crux of the book was thoughts are waves occurring in our mind. Wave after wave of those thoughts toy with the flickering mind. And ultimately it shapes us who we are. Those waves may not appear physical to us because we may lack the apparatus to perceive them. Yet our physicality is entirely shaped by them. The extra ounce of fat or muscles are all created in mind. The beautiful building or the plastic waste is all born deep inside the mind.

A few days back when I was exploring the seaside I happened to climb a gigantic rock structure and discovered this scenario. When I look at these razor-sharp rocks I feel a sense of awe again after so many months. Witnessing something like this was a magical moment. Huge waves crashing on the earth; destroying the soil, trees, grass and laying bare the hard rock. Those same waves became the reason for sharpening the rocks. It shaped the entire scene that looks like the land of the Dragons. In today's time only an eagle can dare to built a nest over there. The rock, wind, water and even sun rays are nothing but waves in motion impacting and neutralising each other. An eternal dance of the Shiva and Shakti.

The energy resides in all of them yet its manifestation is different. We perceive rock as matter but when it becomes sand and wind blows over it a pattern is created . Or an ocean waves sculpt the same sand beautifully. Beautiful nature shows us duality as well as non-duality at the same time. And it all begins from the first wave surfacing on the ocean of the mind.

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