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Driving through the less explored road towards Shiva temple of Tryambakeshwar. Never thought it will be so much of fun. Even as an avid Google map enthusiasts I never checked this road option. But one day I had to drop Raginee for her for her Yog course there. So I searched for a route from Mumbai to Tryambakeshwar. And I find a lesser known road winding up and down from the hills of Igatpuri to Tryambakeshwar.

When I dropped her to her Institute I took a turn back home. And there started the beautiful scenario unfolding in front of me. The region is less populated and has unique geological features.

The road is so calm and smooth that driving through is a pleasure. Nothing special yet this place is special. I didn't encountered any selfish spot or typical tourist point. The peace , greenary even monsoon is over was balming.

Two dams on the way were sight to behold. So I stopped at one place. Ventured ahead alone to the river bank.

The silence and ripples over water created the magic on my mind. After so many days I felt rejuvenated one on one with the nature.

If you do not have any agenda and wish to spend time alone or with your special someone head out to Tryambakeshwar. The road connects Ghoti and Tryambakeshwar. In case if you want to know more just shoot us an email.

And yes if you want to know what is a romantic environment try out the trip in August or September.

Even I am waiting for the same. Sahyadri dresses in the beautiful shades of greed, red and yellow in the months of monsoon. With occasional blanket of mist or the light drizzle will definitely struck the chord in your heart.

Just go with open mind without any agenda. You will come back with a story or a souvenir from this beautiful land. Afterall this is a sacred land of Shiva.

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