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Yana caves ; mysteries of the western ghats

A view of Yana caves.

Miles after miles of dense forests and you feel like lost into it. Then all of a sudden a jagged cliff like formation rises towards the sky. Welcome to Yana rocks. The cave where Bhairaweshwara resides. An ancient place where devotees comes from far and close. This is around 30 kms from Sirsi town in the Northern part of Karnataka state. Fortunately Karnataka is blessed with the dense forest and bountiful sites where you can find solace. This is one of the site where you can see thriving nature.

Butterflies, streams , tall trees and Ivys clinging on them.

Walking through the dense wood

As usual we made a last moment plan to visit this beautiful place to meet Lord Shiva into the dense forests of Sahyadris. And it was more than wonderful.Driving up from Gokarna to Yana was not difficult at all except last 10 kms. Otherwise the road is in good condition.

Jungle route to Yana caves.

This place is very close from Sirsi and Gokarna ; a coastal town. If you have a few days then you can club Jog waterfall, Yana caves, Sirsi and Gokarna. If not it's absolutely worth it to visit Yana only. Beautiful and evergreen forest of Sahyadri elevates your mind. You can see beautiful butterflies, birds and wild animals depending upon your luck.

A stream inside the forests of Yana.

One thing you need to keep in mind that from Gokarna to Sirsi there is no ATM and mostly forest area. Also there is hardly any petrol pump. So fill the tank full. Buy food and have some cash. Check the air pressure in car and then you are ready to go. There's one little shop close to the cave where you can buy some snacks and water. Best way is to have own water bottle and food. Do not little anywhere the forest is really pristine. If you visit the place in monsoon or late monsoon be watchful of leeches near any stream / pond.

A view of the razor sharp cliff.

The unique point of this place is the peacefulness and the beauty of the cliffs amidst green forest. You will be able to see them when you go really close. You will have to park your car half a kilometre from the temple. A small trek will lead to the rocks. Otherwise it's completely hidden from our eyes tucked away into the greenery. Before going inside one needs to wash his feet and remove footwear.

Glistening light of the evening

Entrance to the cave is through the temple area. Stairs are well made and it's clean. The forest is cool and quiet except the sounds of birds and monkeys . Make sure that any food packet is not out or hanging. They will not bother you at all until you show them something to eat.

A lone tree growing inside the the cliff rocks.

The interior view of the cave is really enigmatic and looks like you are surely going to meet any prehistoric hunter. Nothing like that happens. The ceiling is really high from where the light filters down. After watching the canyon of Sahyadri ( Sandan near Ratangad) this was the moment of awe for me. Similar cave can be seen in Eddakal at Kerala.

Beautiful view of the forest from the caves.

These caves and rock formation is really uniques experience. If you are interested into geology or in general curious this is a treat to eyes. The premises closes around 06:00 p.m. I request you to leave the place an hour before so you can reach to Sirsi before it gets too dark. The forest is silent and there will be hardly anyone on the road. People are really nice . We left by 06:00 p.m. and we had to reach Belgao. We had to complete around 100 kms through the dense forest from Yana to Hubali and then Belgao. The ride was totally safe but our sense were slightly hyper. Sirsi is a big town but to stay one needs to book hotel in advance.

Layers of the cave.

If you are planning to go to Gokarna then it's very easy and getting hotels for a night's stay is hardly any issue. I totally recommend you to see the marvel of nature and enjoy the drive through the pristine forests of Shaydri. Connect with us anytime if you need any help to make your travel plans for Yana.

Smoothened and glowing rock outside the caves.

Beautiful Sahyadri forest

We are fortunate to witness the marvel of nature.

Surrounding of Yana caves

Gokarna - Yana - Sirsi route

How to reach : If you are going from Goa then Gokarna to Yana is the route. If you are coming from Bangalore or Pune then Sirsi is the closest city.

Gokarna to Yana : 55 km

Sirsi to Yana : 30 kms

Nearest Airport : Dabolim ( Goa ) 176 kms

Nearest Railway stn. : Kumta 30kms

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