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Bloodline of Chengiz & Timur and those three women.

The history of the world is always told in the language of war. Some leader killed so many people or captured so much land. History is full of forts, palaces, temples, churches, mosques and tombs built by some one. And at such a time, whoever is at the forefront of cruelty in war, conquered territory becomes famous. It includes Genghis Khan and his descendants. During his time, Genghis Khan brutally wiped out 10% (4 crore) of the world's population. Timur also completed the work by killing 1 crore 70 lakh people.Then why shouldn't their descendants also be competent ! The person who was the descendant of both by blood is not supposed to spread peace across the globe. He came to Bharat from the Fergana Valley (Uzbekistan) via Afghanistan. His name is Babur the founder of Mughal dynasty. In reality he was fond of his Timurid ancestry but became known for Mongol roots. And what his six generations did to our nation can be seen in the destruction of our monuments and social structure. It was Aurangzeb who was the culminating point and also the reason for the fall of the largest empire in the world.

Maharani Tararani statue : Kolhapur

Be it Rajputs, Sikhs, Jats, Dogras, Ahoms or Maratha warriors they paid the price with their lives. Some sacrificed everything for the country. On the other hand  some sold themselves and their land for selfish ends. Many women had to go behind the curtain and many even set themselves on fire. If you visit Chittorgarh you will come to know the pain from the ruins and in the eyes of the descendants of those Rajput warriors. But this article is not about dissecting history. Nor to look at Mughals with contempt. 

We have to look at history from a different perspective.Wars were fought by men but  women were bearing the brunt of it. Exorbitant taxes, killing, rape, conversion, loss of treasure and desecration of places of worship all had to be faced by Bharatiy society. And that's what results in the diminishing of original culture. Religions, cultures, arts and customs of the countries that were invaded by the plunderers disappeared mostly forever except Bharat. The best examples of this are America, Africa, South Asia, Australia, Central Asia etc. Unfortunately, even after the invaders left the country, those who carry on their legacy are still at war with their own brothers.

Female players of Maratha Martial arts ( Nana Sawant Akhada : Kolhapur )

The attacks took place with a view to natural prosperity, treasures and women. Where there is no balance of nature and culture, people are left behind in terms of cultural and human values. Such savages always kept an eye on Bharat. Then their gangs crossed the Indus from Khyber and started invading all over Bharat. But most of the society did not consider that king or kingdom as their own.

Beyond those glorious or sad stories of wars do we think about women and their role into the history?

What might be on their minds? When she experiences the war and death of her father, brothers & husband. What will be her emotions towards the invaders ?  Husband  is far away in battle, eldest son also with him. Is she supposed to forgive them and ready to convert her beliefs ? History not only shaped by the power of the wrists but  by igniting the resolve in the mind even if it is darkness everywhere. She was away from her husband still  she ruled and kept the flame burning in herself, teaching her younger child. And the dream of Swarajya ( kingdom of the common people ). It realised through him. She was kind but strict when it comes to justice. Queen Mother ( Rajmata ) Jijau, who dreamt of reviving the country.

Under her guidance Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj and Rajaram Maharaj carried out the work of weeding out the invaders as well as traitors and created the Swarajya. They all dedicated their lives for the country. But the crisis was not averted. Aurangzeb was unleashing his terror on farmers, cities, villages, forts and temples in Maharashtra for many years. His aim was total subjugation of southern Bharat.

Maheshwar ghat built on the banks of Narmada river

In those most difficult times rose a lady. Maharani Tararani, the wife of Rajaram Maharaj and daughter of Maratha General Hambirrao Mohite.  She came forward to defend Swarajya. Imagine a girl taught by her father who was a military genius, her father in law who was an inspiration to the whole nation and her husband who is the heir to the throne. She must have learnt bitter sweet things in her life and used it to the advantage in resistance against Aurangazeb. She  led the army of toughest warriors in the country with ease. The Marathas, who did not listen to anyone, fought and laid down their lives for her words. You may have goosebumps on your body while watching 300 movie. Imagine defeating the largest standing army by a lady in multiple attacks!  The devotion and the background behind her was so strong that even there was no king they fought with their Queen and finished the Mughal empire with Aurangazeb’s death. Later on puppet Mughal emperor was sitting in Delhi for namesake controlled by Marathas such was the terror of them. 

After all this, Peshwa, Shinde, Holkar, Ghorpade and many other noblemen ruled all over India. But again after all these years of wars people wanted peace and prosperity. That was provided by these able rulers with intermittent wars and the biggest battle of  Panipat.  Here again a name shines brighter than everyone was of Maharani Ahilyabai. She is the only one in India who is called Punyashlok. Beyond ruling her empire with integrity she also did renovation of many pilgrimage sites all over Bharat, building new temples and ghats for the community and especially the repair of the temple of Kashi Vishweshwanath was done by this daughter of Nagar district (Maharashtra). A queen with foresight done so much not only for her queendom but for the whole nation. 

Then the thought comes to mind that how could the men of that time have supported these women who were creating, annihilating and rebuilding ? Husband, son, father-in-law, soldiers, clerks, farmers etc.. So many males were listening to them, obeying and fighting as well ! How come society stands behind them ? it shows us that our history is twisted. Who else would be a good example of feminism? To get freedom and to maintain it, you have to sacrifice, you have to stand up  and take the responsibility along with consequences. We actually had Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali Mata around us. They promoted arts, literature, music, fashion, agriculture and taught a lesson to the wicked people whenever it required. It's just that our sisters never did research on them. Our ideals are different. But if you go to any village they are still revered in the prayers and in the minds of millions. So why does our country have to import the concept of women's liberation on a Western parameter? Why do we always need freedom without responsibility or always go against our own people ? 

A brother & sister in Biroba ( god ) fair for horse racing.

All of them were living in simple nine yard saree ( Nauwari )  Maharani Ahilyabai, on the other hand was keeping a ghongdi ( a coarse sheepwool blanket ) on her throne.  Those who are really rich don’t need to show it. Even today, whether it is Maheshwar Ghat, temples in Kashi, North, East, West and in the Southern part of the nation you will witness the work commissioned by her. It might be repair or building new structures. Maharani Ahilyabai's wealth makes us all happy even today. It gives comfort to the tired traveler.  What a great example of feminism ! If Tararani had not finished Aurangzeb, all of Southern Bharat  would have belonged to the Mughals.Where is the greatest example of the welfare of the society by giving the right direction to the wrath of women? If Rajmata Jijau had said at least my youngest son should be happy with me and be the stick of my old age. Millions of Bharatiya have never seen their old age. They showed the Kshatriya kings, who considered themselves superior in the whole of Bharat that dynasties are formed by deeds, not by surnames at all.

Three of them did not complain but went on to give inspiration through their lives. We are their descendants. Along with them, many women have set high standards of what a lady can do in her life if she wants to. We need to discover that. It is not always necessary to have a male warrior to ward off any evil power in the world. But every warrior definitely needs a mother. Society needs a girl.

The energy in the body of a man and a woman is the same, the difference is how to use it.

Jijau told stories to Bal Shivaji and inculcated the resolve of Swarajya in his mind. What story would a mother tell her daughter in the evening today? These stories will decide the future of this nation.

Author: Yogesh Kardile

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Syed Athar
Syed Athar
Aug 06, 2020

Sir your writing really touching my heart . Fabulous ..keep going ..


Subhadeep Sen
Subhadeep Sen
Aug 06, 2020

Original, heart touching writing..... You really painted the history with your art of writing

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