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Chasing the monsoon : Sindhudurg

July is the month in Western India known for it's torrential rains, gloomy skies and growing moss on houses. This time it was no exception. But this is the month to feel the rage of wind , ocean and see the act of creation happening everywhere inside the forest.

Entagelment of climbers and tree branches made a beautiful design into the dense forest of Amboli. But the when the fog comes along with the wind gave it a scary feel.

We have seen the beauty of winter by the calm beachside from Maharashtra till Kerala. But the dormant desire to encounter the crashing waves was something irresistible. As travelers we decided to venture out even the chances were bleak to do photo shoot.

And we left for 15 days trip in Sindhudurg District ; southern most tip of Maharashtra neighbouring Goa. And we were not disappointed. It was tiring initially on highway due to the long distance. But the pain was worth million times.

Darker skies and roaring ocean

What we did is to stay at a place where we love to stop and explore more. We took turn where there is hardly a human soul except us. And we come back with pictures but nothing more. So the complete trip was loosely planned and we did modification in our routes last moment.

A shot taken from the walls of Vijaydurg when clouds were marching directly towards us. And sometime the storm becomes really nasty here. So I was apprehensive whether to descend the fort and go back but we kept on walking over the walls. What we saw was mesmerising and scary also. Unfortunately it was not easy to photograph so we have only mobile videos. That we will upload shortly. But huge waves were crashing on the high walls and some manages to comes inside the fort also. That was a big surprise to us. But the biggest one was that how the architect of the fort managed to built a lasting construction where raging ocean can make dust out of a mighty rock. Salute to those people from the past.

A lonely beachfront at Tambaldeg when heavy winds and clouds were traveling to the east from ocean. This was really a thrilling scene that ocean water was mixing with the river water ( on the left side ) The river bed was very less but all of a sudden ocean water filled the total area.

Far off into the ocean these rock faces were facing the waves.

Green carpet on the coast

The concluding shot at Kille Nivti beach where this red laterite rock face facing the ocean since time immemorial. We found a way to climb on it from the other side and watch the ferocious ocean. It is scary , thrilling at the same time most satisfying and enrich our understanding how the monsoon works and engulf the whole subcontinent by venturing first into the coastal region. And how the land transforms into a paradise. Fortunately roads are very good in Sindhudurg a few exceptions. But the whole ride was a memorable one.

Our friend Dr. Kamlesh Chavan was very helpful. He hosted us for a day in his beautiful house where we had an opportunity to eat local cuisine. He is an expert into rescue operations, climbing and active into the adventure sports and planning tours in Sindhudurg. If you wish to plan your trip anytime in Sindhudurg do get in touch with us. Winter is another best season for enjoying sunny beaches, blue water, calm ocean and balmy weather.

If you plan to go on your own or want field support do connect with

Dr. Kamlesh Chavan on: 9420207055 OR myself ( Yogesh ) on : 9740932248

Tips : while travelling to the beach side / in monsoon carry lot of dry clothes so that when you get get and do not have time to dry it you will have option. The humidity and sand can really spoil clothes / electronic gear. Always chose a clean and dry room for stay. Slippers are always better than shoes when you are on the beach.

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