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Two hundred kilometers north of Bengaluru on expressway lies the beautiful heritage structure named Chitradurga. Clean granite structures within the walled fort attracts numerous visitors across the country and foreign lands as well.

If you happened to be in Chitradurga town make sure you climb the fort before sunrise. You will be greeted with beautiful bird calls , colorful sky and fresh air. Most of the locals frequent this fort for exercise so it is totally safe. And the perk of rising early is you will not encounter typical tourists over here.

The landscape is somewhat similiar to Hampi due to these rock structures. And when it glows in the sunlight you tend to believe that India was really land of gold.

Roads inside the Chitradurga city are narrow but manageable. Make sure you book an accommodation in a nearby KSTDC hotel. It’s spacious , simple yet beautiful just outside the fort walls. If not then there are couple of options in the vicinity.

The morning walk we did was indeed an experience in itself. Winter mornings are meant to be spent here.

Even though it’s a fort the aesthetics are well kept in it. This maka. This makes it one of the beautiful and magnificent monument. Kudos to the Karnataka government to keep it clean. And also the authorities under this fort comes. Looks like it is still inhabited by the royalties and warriors.

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