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Gokarna beach

An AUM shaped beautiful piece of paradise in karnataka state near Gokarna. Doing Acro yoga and spending quality time at Namaste Cafe which is synonyms with this beach made our stay cherished memory.

It was raining when we were on a Karnataka Goa roadtrip in our Nano car. Packed all our travel stuff for 10 days and hopping from one place to another. As usual Anagha was occupying the long seat in the back along with her kitten.

Some places has relaxed vibrations and you feel it without saying. Gokarna is just that. No traffic or hustle bustle of big city. Only waving paddy fields and balmy air coming from musical ocean. This works as a relaxing element on mind and body.

The Om beach is not in Gokarna town but on the left hand side just before you enter the town. You need to go a few kilometres ahead on the road. And once you descends down from the hill witness Vast ocean is contained by a small beach in the shape of OM. Looks like you have your own private beach.

Our stay stay for the night was Namaste Cafe. A typical traveler’s place oozing bohemian vibes. Good music , delicious food and curated residences. All of that created an effect that made us fall in love with it.

The beach is is safe until you don’t do anything stupid. It’s fun to spend time on the beach or just sitting in the cafe and gazing over the ocean day and night. I am sure the owner knows that that’s why they made their stay in such wonderful way.

However short trip it was we enjoyed it thoroughly and left for darshan of Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple next day. The town that is still having the charm of bygone era. While visiting this place spend sometime for just relaxing and wandering the alleys and beaches. Do nothing but connect with self and nature. You will never forget Gokarna.

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