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Gokarna ; rhythm of the life

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

So closed to Goa yet distant from the hustle and serene is the North Karnataka town Gokarna. The hippy vibes will definitely remind you of Goa still the holy atmosphere in the town will remind any other spiritual place in Bharat.

This place has a charm of laidback ancient towns where life starts with the morning rituals and then slowly starting daily operations of any town. People are also generally peaceful involved into the their daily affairs that you miss in the city. Where everything it touches has speed and stress that is entirely absent in Gokarna.

Gokarna’s actual name is Gokarn- Mahabaleshwar due to the presence of Atma Linga temple ( Mahabaleshwar) . It is also known as Dakshin Kashi. For any traveler new or seasoned one this town is easy to negotiate.

People are friendly especially when you sport a smile on your face. The road from bust stop to the temple is full of street shops where one can buy things needed for daily basis and also local art, craft and typical hippy necessities who are on the road for longer period.

If you love music lots of novel instruments will attract you. So the unique clothing much preferred by hippy travelers. It's like Goa married to a traditional town. Really unique combination that you will hardly see in any other town.

The amalgamation of old and new , east and west looks unique and natural here. Typical side effects of commercialisation one usually sees it in Goa are not here even though lot of people visit the town.

I feel we must congratulate local people who are still carrying the culture forward even going ahead with international tourism and not bowed down to the market forces.

The same rituals and routines are followed across the town. Even shop keepers looks content.

Women belongs to HallakinVikkalinga tribe runs shops on the street. They are known for their musical tradition and it’s only into this section of North Western Karnataka.

How to reach ?

Panjim to Gokarna : 150 Kms

Bangalore to Gokarna : 500 Kms

Mangalore to Gokarna : 230 Kms

If you are looking to explore this beautiful town you can get in touch with us to plan your trip with Bharat Trails . Click on the given link below to fill the form for your next trip with us.

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