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Himalayan Monologue

More than a month and we are staying at home. I miss going out with family into the wilderness. But still I feel really blessed to explore the country we live in. Most of us only dreamt of that life ; we actually lived that life till February 2020. I don’t know what will be the new normal. All of us will be more cautious, we may not gather like before. Gatherings will be really small and distance will be maintained. No hugs to strangers nor handshakes. While working on our archive it brings back us cherished memories of time spent together . Those sunrises, sunsets and what not! I urge you all never take the freedom of travelling for granted. Money is very important but so memories that works as an anchor to hold on to our dear life.

When this storm will pass on go out with your family at least for a weekend. Watch how sunrises and sets . Eat the local cuisine . The taste will linger on your tongue and memory. Make something together dance until you are exhausted. These memories will bring back a smile when you will be old or have a loads of time like now. Travel is not an object in motion but a state of mind that gives us a new perspective towards life.

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