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Indigo Green Camp : unwind in the forest

Deep inside the Western ghat forest is a jungle where river runs through it. High cliffs on all three side and the forest stretching towards the ocean. This is where the Camp Indigo Green nestled.

Run by nature conservationist , wildlife expert , vertical garden expert Gautam Muralidharan.

A qualified and passionate person who really cares to create a space for people who loves to unwind in the nature and also learn along with having fun.

Come follow our journey with him in the camp Indigo Green.

Gautam’s House full of books, musical instruments and a hut for chill out.

Colourful development in his farm. All native species of flowering and fruit bearing plants.

Hiking here is like a dream in end of monsoon and winter.

River carved her own way.

Clarity is here and nowhere else :-)

Raginee and Anagha enjoying the hike by the numerous pools Inside forest.

A view from the restaurant.

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