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The abode of Shiva : Harischandragad

I don't know whether the God lives somewhere up and above. But our Shiva lives here with us in the Sahyadri. And the cosmic vibrations here are as alive as our existence. Tuning our body and mind with them elevates us to the next level.

Early morning clouds covering the hills.

The peaceful mountain clad with forest was once a fiery blasting volcano spread around 1600 kms. Eons back it became quiet and clouds showered on it for thousands of years. Slowly the green carpet covered it. Waterfalls started running down to the valley and carved rivers. This is how they calmed the land of Lord Mahadev. A land of saints and also warriors who drank the same water originated into the land of Lava known as Sahyadri.

So you can imagine from where the Maratha's are receiving their iron willpower to defeat their enemies even if they are outnumbered by them. Also on the other hand saints and Rishis who meditated years into the deep caves frequented by tigers, leopards and many more ferocious animals yet lived peacefully among them. So our tribal brothers who flourished their culture in these places by being in tune with nature.

Cliffs facing Kokan

Harischandreshwar temple

This place is magical and you can know it only by experiencing it first hand. Walk on this land, drink the stream water , shed your sweat by climbing in the afternoon and sleep under the shade of the tree.

Eat the local made roti and dal rice. You will never forget the moment lived here. Come visit Harischandragad once in your lifetime. But remember to store these magical vibrations, pure air , beautiful pictures. Avoid leaving dirt because your daughter or son will be also visiting next . And they will also need the similar experience just like me, you and many more who had the same in the past.

After all this is a land of Mahadev. And everyone is welcome here.

How to go Harischandragad ?

We are just a phone call away : 9740932248

Oh you want detailed information them mail us on

Karwi plants

Kaladgad from Pachnai

Anagha practicing Lathi Kathi ( Marahta Martial arts)

Kothale sacred groove region

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