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Trichy : Celebrating Diwali Tiruchirappalli

Driving down from Namma Bengaluru ( Bangalore ) to Tiruchirappalli ( Trichy ) is a worth driving especially in winter. When most of our country is feeling cold this place witness storm and rain shower. Tamilnadu experiences rain due to North East trade winds.

But this makes the journey very beautiful. Green paddy fields and superb road makes the journey fun and exciting.

I will not give information about the place here but narrate my experience and why one should visit the place. What made me interested into it was my friend's suggestion who belonged to Trichy. He said you must visit it if you are going to Tanjavur. Our city is on the way and you will love it. And indeed it's very interesting as a city that has conserved the sacred traditions and heritage. Locals visit the temple area early morning . Regular rituals happen as usual and the whole environment is charged.

We were excited and prepared to visit Shri Ranganathaswamy temple on the auspicious day of Diwali.

Fortunately we left the room early morning. And it was a good decision indeed.

Colours are abundant in the form of fruits , flowers and variety of goods to sale. Angha just got her Gajra ; while happily feeling the Gajra adorned on her hair she was also feeling hungry. That made my click on the dark blue backdrop of a closed shop.

We said why not to try bangles. She willingly tried but it was not so easy.

And the grumpy face was here also while adjusting her Gajra.

My lady Raginee was getting ready for the darshan with Gajra. The best part of Tamilnadu is following traditions in everyday life. Regular pooka rituals, applying various tilaks ( sandal paste ) on forehead , using flowers early morning and lighting divas in the evening. In the race of earning our livelihood we forget the beauty in daily life rituals. But places like this reminds us who we are.

The Gopuram is clean and coloured nicely that it creates a pleasant impact on mind. The temple complex is really huge. Traveling in Tamilnadu and exploring temples or local markets is an experience in itself. Compare to other parts of Bharat ( India ) this state is successful to do the fine balance of tradition and modernity. People are ahead in every field yet they are particular to conserve natural and architectural heritage.

When we look at the sculptures all are painted and maintained properly. This is not the case only with the Trichy temples but most of them are well kept. Multiple sculptures, pillars, huge gopuram and the complexes is like a system to relax and rejuvenate our mind. The energy fields are so powerful that one's energies obviously feels elated.

We feel fortunate to show our daughter the glorious art work and traditions of our culture. The demands of current lifestyle are different but for sure we can live like just the way we used to live in our childhood. Going to the temple , visiting local markets, buying flowers and playing with other kids. This visit made me realise that visiting the temple is not meeting the God or idol but absorbing the energy created by the sculptures , priests , people . All of us coming there with positive vibes creates a multifold effect especially in the morning and evening. That's it was supposed to be part of daily routines in villages and ancient cities.

Every sculpture has a significance or a story attached to it. What we need is a time to sit quietly and observe.

People who had faith are carrying it forward and showing the glorious days from the past when art and spirituality was together in the form of temple. It was respected and revered. Every aspect of daily life was designed to give us an experience of life itself that was not to be lived in hurry.

Now at least we can get that feel by visiting the temple and meeting people who are still attuned to the life just like from the past. This energy will last for many more days until we visit another place like this.

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Sep 27, 2020

Very nice pictures from wonderful landscapes and people. The small paragraphs beneath each photo are interesting loaded with facts and with the photographer point of view on life in general

Yogesh Kardile
Yogesh Kardile
Jun 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much. Your encouragement is really helpful.

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