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Winter in Kashmir

When everything is frozen, movements are slow like snail's pace smoke comes out of chimney and loiters around the village sky like a lazy kid. High mountain ridges remains untouched from the happenings of the earthlings.

Pines and deodars are covered in snow ; on the other hand poplars are stripped of their beauty. The sound of winter is crackling of the ice for sometime and the silence like forever until the summer arrives.

Far away from the plains in the distant Himalayan lands winter takes hold of everything. Nothing can slip from his cold grip except the fire within. Even some being slowly succumb to that cold.

And the snow covers everything in his white blanket. I go out for a stroll in this desolated landscape finding the beauty of white. Oh winter ! you are making everyone equal except those who perished. You are not a season but time who stood still for sometime.


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